wintry indeed...

Winter has arrived, and it's not kidding around. We have had morning temperatures as low as two degrees. Yesterday was a snow day, and today there is a two-hour delay for schools. I know none of this really compares to weather seen in the midwest, or the northeast for that matter, but I have spend the last two days wanting nothing more than to cuddle up under down blankets and drink hot tea.
Over the weekend, I started a little hat for friends of my sister who have just picked up their new baby daughter in China. I'm using chocolate brown and baby pink Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I've knit with it before but I forgot how soft it is.

I'll be knitting up these adorable little baby legwarmers, too. I'm also designing her announcement, something I've been doing quite a bit of lately. I'm slowly working at launching a side graphic-design business, which I hope to tailor mostly to personal events and announcements, although certainly also for small local businesses.

The chilly weather the past few days begged for homemade soup, so I cooked up a batch of potato-cheddar soup, courtesy of my lovely friend, Toni. We all loved it, and it seems like a recipe that can be played with...extra veggies, some italian flat beans maybe, bacon if that's your gig (J crumbled freshly-cooked bacon over the top and declared it a hit), maybe some thinly sliced pan-roasted garlic.

So, for the forseeable future, it's all about staying warm, enjoying family, and preparing for the holidays.
There is much to be grateful for.


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