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These are some little legwarmers and a beanie I just sent off to my sister's good friends who recently adopted a little girl. I also did their announcements, which I'm actually launching as a side business. I haven't put up a site yet, but I will soon be doing so with more details. You can see the announcement in the background, but here is a better view:

I don't feel like the blogger upload quite does it justice, but you get the idea.

Most importantly, right now... Miss V's tests came back normal. The doctor wants her to try some albuterol to see if that solves the chest pain issue when she exercises. She is such a sweetheart-- she is forever drawing pictures for all of us and writing mini love letters and just generally being such a lovebug. She is working on a series of stories with M about our dog, Olive, and fully intends to get them published. I think she has a pretty good shot at it! I'll try to scan some of the illustrations soon. Too funny.
She asked me last night if music was playing when she was born and when I said yes, she asked me what song. This is for you, my sweet little girl...

When it rains, it pours...even in the desert.

Poor Miss V, all hooked up to an EKG. Please don't worry... her doctor thinks she has exercise-induced asthma, based on his check up yesterday. She's been complaining of chest pain during PE at school, or when she runs around in the yard for very long. The air is very cold and dry right now, which can be one of the initial triggers. Nonetheless, he also took the prudent approach and ordered an EKG, which while I know is just good medicine and ruling out all possibilities, was still a little unsettling to see.
This week has been a doozy. On Sunday, our washing machine caught fire. Quite literally. The good news is, we were home, and I smelled smoke, so J pulled it out immediately (full of water and a load of laundry!) If we hadn't been home, it could have been truly disastrous, as it's parked right next to the gas hook-up for the dryer. As we priced new machines, we consoled ourselves with the thought of how very much worse it could have been. 
So... this sexy beast and its equally racy partner-in-laundry were delivered and installed this morning. Yes, red.
On the same day, I completely jacked an old whiplash injury (car accident eight years ago...kind of funny story, in retrospect) and spent the next few days totally unable to move my head without excruciating pain, far worse than the actual initial injury. Oy. Stress, much? Anyway, I had never seen a chiropractor, even thought I'm very open to alt medicine, having gone the acupuncture route before, and having seen a naturopath back in Seattle for my primary care for quite some time. But you know... there are enough sketchy stories out there, that I had never really considered it. Momday morning, though, I was in so much pain that I googled for pain specialists here in town, and wound up seeing a chiropractor who is also an accredited pain specialist, and who combines his practice with an acupuncturist and a massage therapist. So far, I have had two TENS treatments, along with deep tissue work, and adjustments (yowza! those are trippy-feeling...) I'm feeling much better, but will need to have at least a few more visits.
While still on the subject of pouring when it rains, I'm going to side-step the enormous car-repair bill we also have coming next week, out of sheer denial. I am going to have to momentarily stick my head in the sand on that one.

In more pleasant news, I am doing the Flickr Year In Pictures project again. This time, I am going to stick with it. I'm enjoying it, although on the busy days, it stresses me out to not have a decent shot. My favorite so far?
always endeavor
It hit #20 in Explore, too, so I guess it was a pretty succesful shot. I mostly love it because J & I have this ongoing thing about crows-- how they mate for life and live in extended families where the older siblings help with the younger siblings, etc. They are crazy-smart, they have dynamic relationships, and they are all-around fascinating creatures.
I'm also getting ready to launch a small side-business that I am very excited about. I will leave you with bated breath for the moment, but I will be buckling down and getting the site up soon, so expect an announcement of sorts.

this time eleven years ago...

I lay in bed, exhausted after 32 hours of arduous labor, overwhelmingly in awe of the little creature nestled in my arms.

I had been afraid. I had really believed that for some reason, having children wouldn't come easily, if at all. I wanted it more than anything, but I feared it wasn't in the cards. But there he was, pink and healthy (albeit temporarily cone-headed...poor thing,) nursing and sleeping and pooping and crying and being certifiably the most amazing, wonderful baby ever. I felt like the only person in the world who had ever known the sense of miraculousness that having a baby seems to invoke.

To this day, I still sometimes have to shake my head at the wonder of it all, at the great privilege of being mama to this boy, this young man, really. He is whip-smart, truly kind, genuine, funny, a freckled, sparkling-blue-eyed goofball who knows exactly when to have fun and when to take life very seriously. He's a wonderful brother, a true-blue friend, and a devoted sweetheart of a son.

Happy Birthday, S. Your mama will always love you.

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