It's all about new traditions.

Freshly married and blended, this will be our first official Christmas as a family. This weekend we will decorate our tree-- a real tree this year, for the first time in a few years. (I went the fake-tree route the last couple Christmases-- can you imagine me, bionic single mama that I was notwithstanding, in all my 5'2" glory, hefting a tree on top of the car?)
I'll be baking the beautiful cake pictured above for Christmas dinner with my new in-laws. We will pack up the battle-wagon and trek an hour south to spend what will be a much bigger Christmas Eve with my former in-laws, who in all fairness, are really more like my very own family. I will send of a box of love to my very-much missed sisters and their families, and cross my fingers that some of my brother-in-laws famous cookies will be tucked into the box that's coming our way.

Next week, as we prepare for the last week of school, the four children will join me in the kitchen to bake cookies for their teachers. We have agreed upon these little lovelies and these ones, with a nod to the slightly more healthy. Hey, there's oatmeal in there, right? And fruit. We will also make ornaments, because guess what? Crafting with four kids is fun! They get such a thrill from their accomplishments.

Another new tradition I'll be starting is creating an annual book of photos, chronicling the prior year. 2010 will be the first book, since it will be our first complete year as a family. I'm so excited to start compiling it. I'll edit it as each month passes so the moments still feel fresh. I thought of this while putting together our wedding book, over at the very cool book-making site, Blurb. Would you like a peek at the wedding book? It's only a few pages, but you get the idea.
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moongipsies said...
December 20, 2009 at 10:08 PM

both the knitting and the soup look awesome!

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