good love. and stuff.

I'm once again sorely neglecting this blog, but I think it's just a side-effect of having an extraordinarily busy life. Four kids, a full-time job, pets, being a Girl Scout leader, trying to be an attentive wife... I think I've got a fairly legitimate excuse for slacking, Then there's this other thing I have been working on, and I'd like to show you, finally.
good love
Now I know I'm a bad blogger and I know many of you just keep up with me on Facebook, but those of you who still stumble around here now & then, I hope you'll pop over and take a look. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm excited about this. I'm not quitting my day job or anything, but this gives me concrete opportunity to exercise my creativity in a way I really, really enjoy.  I'll also be blogging on that end, intermittently I'm guessing, as well, but more toward projects I'm working on and sharing some photos. If you're interested, the blog is here.
I will keep this going as a family/ general musing blog, as well, although I won't promise to be super-regular about it. Maybe by giving myself lots of flexibility, I'll be more inclined to write. Since I have a few minutes to relax at this very moment, I think I will go by your blogs & say hi!

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